About Us

Our Company

Amare Wellness Co. is a group of passionate people, educator, prolific product formulators who love to travel and explore with pioneering spirit in holistic approach in advanced hair and skin care solutions, We are constantly discovering, exploring and innovating to provide wide range product portfolio of healthy premium skin and Intelligent Hair care that are naturally effective and powered by Science.

Our Mission and Values

Fueled by pure LOVE (Amare) we are committed to your health and wellness and the natural environment protection. We support ethical and sustainable sourcing of our finest ingredients. We will be good loving citizens, caring for the well being of our customers, and giving back to the community, our mission is beyond entrepreneurship.

True to our Promise

Three pillars will propel our growth: our passion, our quality and our integrity. Amare Organic`s cornerstone is honest to goodness hair care professional lines and earth friendly skin care, completely free of all harmful toxins, Our formula do not contain parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, artificial colorants and formaldehyde. Truly, healthy food for your hair and skin.

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